Servants and Fools by Arthur Boers
Living Into Focus: Choosing What Matters in an Age of Distraction Brazos Press foreword by Eugene Peterson "In today's high-speed culture, there's a prevailing sense that we are busier than ever before and that the pace of life is too rushed. Most of us can relate to the feeling of having too much to do and not enough time for the people and things we value most. We feel fragmented, overwhelmed by busyness and the tyranny of gadgets. Veteran pastor and teacher Arthur Boers offers a critical look at the isolating effects of modern life that have eroded the centralizing, focusing activities that people used to do together. He suggests ways to make our lives healthier and more rewarding by presenting specific individual and communal practices that help us focus on what really matters. These practices--such as shared meals, gardening, hospitality, walking, prayer, and reading aloud--bring our lives into focus and build community."
Our Work, God's work
The Way is Made by Walking: A Pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago InterVarsity Press foreword by Eugene Peterson  "Pilgrimage is a spiritual discipline not many consider. Aren't the destinations far? Don't they involve a lot of time and walking? Just a few years ago, Arthur Paul Boers wasn't thinking about pilgrimage either. But he began to sense a deep call from God to walk the five-hundred-mile pilgrimage route known as Camino de Santiago, ending in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, at a cathedral that is said to hold the relics of the apostle James.  In these pages he opens to us his incredible story of renewed spirituality springing from an old, old path walked by millions before him. It's a story of learning to pray in new ways, embracing simplicity, forming community, living each day centered and focused, depending on God to provide. Joined by hundreds of others from all over the world, Boers points the way to deeper intimacy with God--a way made by walking in faith." Indigo
Day by Day These Things We Pray: Uncovering Ancient Rhythms of Prayer        Herald Press  "Today’s hectic pace leaves little time to nourish the spirit, and at one time or another all of us feel spiritually disconnected and alone. But there is a treasure within the Christian faith, highly prized by those who have found it, that offers a solution to this modern-day dilemma: morning and evening prayer. Practical and wise, drawing upon Scripture and long-time personal experience, Arthur Boers invites us to reclaim this prayer tradition—and to find our relationship with God forever changed."
Never Call Them Jerks: Healthy Responses to Difficult Behavior Alban Institute Top Ten Books of 2000, Academy of Parish Clergy   "No church is immune to the problems that can arise when parishioners behave in difficult ways. Responding to such situations with self-awareness and in a manner true to one’s faith tradition makes the difference between peace and disaster. In this must-read book, Boers shows how a better understanding of difficult behavior can help congregational leaders avoid the trap of labeling such parishioners and exercise self-care when the going gets rough. Foreword by David W. Augsburger, author of Conflict Mediation across Cultures."
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