Giving up likes for lent by Arthur Boers
The Advent Podcasts: In this special series of Advent podcasts, the Rev. Dr. Arthur Boers unfolds for us the core themes of the season—promise, prophecy, wonder, and more. Each podcast corresponds with a week of Advent, with one for Christmas Day and one for the first week of Christmas. Tying together Biblical texts and personal memories, Dr. Boers offers a compelling challenge: be fully present during these important days.
1. CBC Tapestry with Mary Hynes And I would walk 500 miles- to go to church?  "The writer Bruce Chatwin once said the search for the divine turns people into nomads. The way Chatwin put it, "their vitality lies in movement." A lot of people who set out on a pilgrimage find there is a connection between the sacred and being on the move. But you don't exactly find it underfoot. It can be elusive.   Arthur Paul Boers likes to say of his pilgrimage in Spain: "I once walked 500 miles to go to church!"        June 2010
2. 100 Huntley Street  part 1   part 2    Jim Cantelon speaks with Dr. Arthur Boers about his book, "Day By Day, These Things We Pray"        June 14, 2011
3. Acadia Divinity College Simpson Lectures - February 2012   a.         The Simpson Lectures at Acadia Divinity College are an annual series of lectures on the practice of ministry.   Video 1. How the ‘spiritual but not religious’ call Christians to                              Faithfulness Video 2. How the information highway and other technologies led to a                         World Wide Waste of time Video 3. How Christians can recover the meaning and wonder of                               Abundant Life      b.        Homily at Manning Memorial Chapel, Acadia University “Do you want to be made well?”      February 2012.
4. Context with Lorna Dueck      "We're looking for peace of mind in a world of noise. Could walking be one way to peace?"        May 2012
5. The Meeting House video cast      Christa Hesselink with Dr. Arthur Boers   “We are not trying to take away good things; rather, we’re trying to  make time for the cultivation of something much better.”          June 11, 2012    Podcast handout-
6. Mars Hill audio      "Arthur Boers on why the ways in which technologies shape our lives should be recognized as spiritual and pastoral challenges".          September 12, 2012
The Wells of Salvation - Arthur Boers
Tokens - Dispatched from the buckle - In this interview Lee Camp and Arthur Boers discuss the book, Living into Focus, ruminating on technologies, distractions, and focal practices.  A most outstanding interview, if we do say so ourselves.
Sermons by Arthur Boers

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The Advent Podcasts Giving up like for lent by Arthur Boers This space we're in with Arthur Boers Blessed are the self-peacemakers with Artur Boers